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Senor Diablo

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10th August 2004

5:28pm: crap-tastic
is anyone else having a really bad day today? mom has already threatened to ground me for a month if i dont practice my piano sheet music. its not that i dont want to practice. its that i have been practicing all summer. i was summer 2004 to go out with a bang. i dont want to spend it inside all day practicing the piano. its summer. and its almost over at that. all of my friends have been spending the summer at the lake or swimming or hanging out. ive been practicing my music. i know that she wants to to get into a good college. but at what cost? i dont want to look back on my life and think that ive wasted the best years sitting on a piano bench.
Current Mood: pissed off

30th July 2004

11:41am: oh give me a home where the buffalo roam
arent buffalo extinct?

i have been practicing my piano sheet music for school for the last hour. i didnt think that it would be so hard. i miss the easy stuff right now. i think that i may try out for the jazz band too. i tried last year but a senior got it. she was much better and had a lot of piano experience. now she graduated so im going to try again.
Current Mood: pensive

27th July 2004

9:08am: thinking
how different would my life be if we were poor? i think that my friends and i should do something to help people. we dont realize how good we do have it. that trip and seeing the homeless people really affected me. i dont know why. i have a nice warm bed. i have a house. my parents drive me around. they dont have anything. one guy was sleeping in the doorway of a piano sheet music store. that isnt any kind of way for a man to live. how can we help people? i know we can do something i just dont know what.
Current Mood: contemplative

26th July 2004

4:04pm: homeless
i was driving with my family this weekend. we were going to visit some friends of my parents. one of the cities that we drove thru had a lot of homeless people sleeping in the streets. its different to see them asleep in doorways. when i hear about it on tv i feel bad. seeing it is much worse. i asked myself how they got to be this way. why dont they try to better themselves. one guy didnt even have 2 shoes. i never really take the time to acknowledge what i do have. i hardly ever express thanks to my parents. they work to pay for my stuff and i dont give it a second thought. think about all of the piano sheet music that they get me. yeah i get clothes too. parents are expected to get their kids clothes. but music isnt something that i need. it is something that i like and something that i want. it takes money that they could spend on other things. but they choose to spend it on me.
Current Mood: sympathetic

22nd July 2004

7:45pm: sociology
my school wont let me take sociology until next year. they say it is because most of the kids my age are immature but i think thats a stupid reason. mom called and they wont make an exception for me. i will wait until next year. mom said that if im really interested she and dad will see if the community college has some classes that i can take or something. i think that would be cool. maybe they would have a cool music class or something. i doubt i could take one of those. it would be cool to have a college student help me with the difficult passages of my piano sheet music. maybe i could have a student sort of tutor me or something.
Current Mood: mischievous

21st July 2004

9:35am: sister
my sister was upset at me so she ripped up this piano sheet music that had all of my notes on it. she has to pay for it out of her allowance and she is grounded but that doesnt seem like enough. she should have to clean my room or something.
Current Mood: irritated

20th July 2004

11:24pm: english
this class should be pretty fun. i dont capitalize all the words in my journal but im a good english student. i think thats because our teacher does a lot of creative writing. i prefer creative writing to having to write reports and stuff. it gives me a more flexibility in what to write too. i wrote "ode to joy" about my first piece of piano sheet music.
Current Mood: hungry

16th July 2004

11:21am: math
i have to take geometry this year. that should be interesting because the teacher doesnt like the band geeks. he grabbed a girls music folder last year and threw her piano sheet music all over the room. he has a bad temper. i think that this is his last year. maybe he will try to start a fight with our music director or something. that would be pretty cool.
Current Mood: drained

15th July 2004

4:15pm: only one more month of freedom
there is only about a month of summer left. school starts up again really soon. i keep wondering where my summer went. then the realization hits me that summer is only two months long. so im halfway thru. but school seems so close. summer just isnt fair. we also got the list of supplies the they would like us to have for school. mom wants to go 'school clothes' shopping too. why? for one i hate to go shopping. for two we have to wear uniforms. same clothes every year. just pick up some new ones. i really dont need to be there. the cool thing is that i get some new 'street clothes'. on special days we get to wear normal clothes to school. usually around holidays and stuff. i need mom to order some stuff for my music class. this year i have to have manuscript paper and some certain pieces of piano sheet music. they should be pretty easy to get. just have to actually go about ordering them or something. that shouldnt be too hard.
Current Mood: hyper

12th July 2004

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i didnt sleep well this weekend. there was a lot going on. i did get to sleep in tho. would have been nice if it was good sleep. but it was restless sleep. i helped by sister practice her piano sheet music this weekend. she is getting better.
Current Mood: restless

9th July 2004

1:01pm: practice makes permanent
im not letting more nonsense with my aunt get to me. i think she has finally given up. she hasn't called since july 4th. i think that should foiund a piano teacher that will actually teach her kids to play the piano. in a few weeks she will probably calling wanting any piano sheet music that me and my sister dont use anymore. i was practicing last night and get this part to what i thought was perfect. then i realized that i was playing in the wrong key. now i have to do it all over and learn it in the right key.
Current Mood: aggravated

7th July 2004

12:49pm: jammin
i sppent yesterday chillin and jammin with my friends. it was cool. i also had to take my little sis to her piano lessons. she forgot her piano sheet music at home. so i went to pick it up really quick. while she was at her lesson i looked around the music store. there were some really good guitar strings there that i think our guitar player wqould like.
Current Mood: accomplished

6th July 2004

4:16pm: hmm
my aunt didnt call to bother me about giving her kids piano lessons yesterday. my friends and i just hung out in my room working on stuff for our band. it was cool. we want to have a some like evanescene or somethind. so we have beenworking on the piano sheet music for that. we dont have a lot done. but so far it sounds good.
Current Mood: artistic

1st July 2004

11:43am: my aunt called again about giving her kids piano lessons. she doesnt get it. i dont want to. my mom told her to stop calling me. my aunt thinks that everyone should feel sorry for her because she is divorced. gee. i wonder why the guy left. anyway my mom told her no. my aunt said she bought some piano sheet music for the kids to play. so? im still not giving lessons to 4 kids for $20 a week. i should give someone else piano lessons just to make her mad.
Current Mood: predatory

30th June 2004

4:30pm: going to work
im getting ready to leave for work. i like my job. i work at a music store. kind of like a wooden nickle or sam goody. only better! i just put cds and t-shirts on shelves. i dont runn the cash register. i want to work there next summer too. my boss was helping me with the bands piano sheet music. he tells me to keep working on it. (like my mom does.)
Current Mood: mischievous

29th June 2004

10:39am: kids
my aunt brought her kids over yesterday. she wanted to convince me to give them lessons. mom said whatever i decided was okay. she would support me. i told her that with my band and work that i didnt have time. my aunt gave me a lecture on the importantce of family. i told her that i have a life and dont want to spend 10 to 20 hours a week giving her kids piano lessons for only $20 a week. i make $6 an hour at work, she needs to at least pay me $5. she said no. i said no lessons.
Current Mood: annoyed
10:23am: workin' hard for the money
i had to work last night. i cant wait until i have a hs diploma and go to college. i just want to be on my own. i love my parents but they can be so annyoing. my band wrote some more piano sheet music. its not as easy as it looks. we are rewriting stuff because it sounds bad.
Current Mood: aggravated

24th June 2004

10:05am: pop
i have this aweful zit on my forhead. it really sucks. tried to pop it. that didnt work. it hurts too. grrr.... i did give my aunt some piano sheet music. i dont want to teach her kids to play piano but she can have some of my old books. my sister doesnt use them either.
Current Mood: calm

23rd June 2004

10:42am: makin' a dolla
work has beeb insane. yes, i do have a real job. i also have other ventures to pay for a car. im at the mercy of my parents when it comes to transportation.

my aunt wants me to teach her kids to play piano. there are 5 ankle biters, but the oldest one is 2 years younger than me. the youngest 4 are: ally (5), brenden (7), skie (8), and tommy (10). her plan would actually cost me (my parents) money. she would drive them here for lessons (they dont have a piano or a keyboard). she wants me to use my old piano sheet music books. i dont want to give them to her kids because they would just get ruined. i am not going to be able to schedule my job/life around her. and for what? 20 dollars. that's right ladies and gents, 20 dollars to give 4 hours of lessons each week.
Current Mood: working

22nd June 2004

5:43pm: its freezing in here

gave some of my piano sheet music to this lady from church. she plays piano and actually likes playing at weddings.
Current Mood: cold

18th June 2004

1:00pm: ah
i so want to go home. i have to practice my piano sheet music for that wedding. the rehearsal is tonight. the wedding is tomorrow. i hate weddings.
Current Mood: annoyed

16th June 2004

8:58am: go pistons
did anyone watch the game? i was glued to the tv. i watched the game. after that, switched to espn to see some of the after-game commentary. i didn't practive my piano sheet music at all.

little fyi - kid rock is from the detriot, michigan area. not compton, california like the song says.
Current Mood: & tired

14th June 2004

4:44pm: check it out, yo
check out redbaron1010's livejournal. dude says some funny stuff about piano sheet music.
Current Mood: amused

11th June 2004

4:10pm: one piano, six hands?
i got "the green eyed monster" piano sheet music. it is for one piano, six hands. it should be interesting to say the least.
Current Mood: busy

10th June 2004

9:23am: new language
i've decided to learn a new language. been thinking baout it for a while. finally decided to actually do it. i am considering french, russian, dutch, or italian.

is piano sheet music the same in different languages?
Current Mood: complacent
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